Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Burst ICS/JB Rumors

There are currently several rumors where people are stating they spoke with a manager over at Pantech USA and ATT and they are stating within 2 weeks we should be receiving an update.

I'm pessimistic at the moment because this is not the first of such rumors to surface.
We've been victim of a few of these already and I know I speak for the majority of the Burst users who bought the phone partially because we were promised an update to ICS shortly and its starting to drag out.

I've been posting along with many others on the Pantech USA's facebook page as well as both Pantech and ATT's twitter feeds and trying to get a definate response from them is proving to be difficult.

Its starting to seem that Pantech as a company is willing to put out promises to get the sale yet instead of following threw or atleast communicating why its taking so long they chose to put out more phones with the update already installed yet leave Burst Owners (as well as the Pantech Element Tablet) in the dust.

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