Friday, September 21, 2012

Its Pantech Announcement Friday!

Alright its what we've all been waiting for.  What will Pantech be announcing and will it affect us as Burst owners???

9am:  Nothing as of yet.  Will keep checking throughout the day.

10am:  Team Pantech Injury Update: Brett Banasiewicz is officially off of oxygen! He is expected to make the move to a rehab facility this week. Visit The Kitchen BMX & Skatepark for more updates and continue to send well wishes his way!  (Not the official update we are waiting on but still good news!)

11am:  Still no word.

12:30pm:  Major announcement: Pantech Burst ICS update will be available for download on Sept 27 on . Stay tuned for more details!  (we Finally have our announcement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. Just rooted my burst. Will I be able to upgrade to ICS using what they put out, or will I have to revert back to stock ROM before ICS will work? Thanks.

    1. From what I understand with other phones that I've rooted, whenever going to use a stock update you will need to restore atleast the recovery back to stock as most ota updates atleast check for that. Until the devs get to take a look at the update and see the changes I would wait to install it only because there is always the risk that Pantech or any manufacturer will patch the exploit that allowed us to root and install custom recoveries and lock your phone back to stock forever!