Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pantech Burst ICS Update Download

323pm EST (the following day 9/28/12):  still no word from pantech.  Was really hoping to see what a difference the ICS update would make on the phone this weekend as well as downloading the source for the kernel and start compiling for a CM9 port.  Not sure about everyone else but I feel kinda let down by this and hope it doesn't ruin my or anyone else's weekend.  I think I will go ahead and end this post and make a new one when pantech finally gets around to giving us any new info

1029pm EST:  Checked facebook/pantech's website/and twitter and neither the update or kernel source have been posted anywhere.

620pm EST:  Pantech posted the following on their facebook page.

Pantech USA
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  • We are experiencing some unexpected delays with the Burst ICS update, but engineers are resolving them now. More news coming soon. Thanks so much for your patience.

220pm EST:  So we're all still waiting and still wondering what exactly is going on.  Pantech hasnt released any official statements so all we are going on is several people who state they called in to Pantech's customer support and are giving assorted responses.  Here are some of the images people have been posting on Pantech USA's facebook wall:

1040am EST:  I've been checking the following non stop:
                       Still no word or mysterious download link.  Once I see it ready for download I will post the link up here as well as upload it to dropbox and post that as a mirror.

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