Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rom Manager and what it means for the Pantech Burst

So you've gone and downloaded Clockworkmod's Rom Manager and your wondering,
"I've got a Pantech Burst that I just rooted and I wonder what Rom Manager can do for me"

Well Look no further!

The Pantech Burst recently got a working recovery setup in Clockworkmod's Recovery builder so now we can churn out the newest release as soon as it comes out and have it ready for all you wonderful Burst owners!  I've tested the latest release v6.0.1.4 (both touch and non) and so far they work great!  I've also started collecting several modified stock roms people have been building and uploaded them to the Rom Manager's Rom database so you can download and install straight from rom manager!  

First thing first, you need to make sure your Pantech Burst is rooted.  
Second, make sure if you haven't already download and install the latest CWM Recovery as it will be required to install roms from Rom Manager.
Third, feel free to browse around the roms available in rom manager.  also if you have a rom's update.zip on your sd card you can chose "install from sd card and select the zip file" 

As of the time of this entry there are 2 modified stock roms available in the CWM Rom Database.  I'm currently downloading one of them and will perform an install test to make sure everything is working correctly.  

I'm currently running with the locked bootloader caused from a stock ICS upgrade.  I will also later try this same procedure from one with the unlocked bootloader (fresh GB install or one that was downgraded with the original pdl file)

Updates to follow.....

**Downloaded with no issue.  Gave me the option if I wanted to install now.  When I selected yes it asked if I wanted to perform a backup, factory reset, and wipe davlik and I chose yes to all 3.  When the phone rebooted though there was an error.  and I've posted the error log here .  it looks like Rom manager is saving to the "internal sd" and the CWM is trying to read it from the external sd so its not getting the commands or the file to be installed.  Will update again if we have any updates.  cwm can still be used in the mean time if you download a rom to your external sd and install it from cwm.**

**Do not do this if you have installed the stock ICS update with the pantech software as your bootloader is locked and you will brick**


  1. Thanks for this blog. I ordered a burst and this info will come in handy. Hopefully we will get some custom roms soon!

  2. its no problem at all. I just wanted a place where I could gather all the info I could find on the burst since xda doesn't have a section dedicated to any of the pantech devices

    1. Yeah, hopefully once this device gets some more dev support more people will buy it. Then maybe xda will make a section for it.

  3. i have the same error when trying to flash a rom...any ideas on how to fix it

    1. at the moment if you download the rom using rom manager you will have to go in and move the file from internal memory to the external sd card. or you can manually go to http://clockworkmod.com/rommanager/developers/presto?name=Pantech%20Presto and to the kagedmod section (I did not create these just gathering them up as I find them) and download from there on your computer